Be Careful Who You Make Angry

So it is Tuesday. I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought I’d share this snipet of a story with you. It has to do with running, but there are no morals or words of encouragement. So if you were looking for that, I don’t even know what to tell you. I’m a barrel of sunshine. If sunshine came in a barrel


She kept running even though the fear that took hold of her grew. She let it grow. Whatever this was,could wait and be ignored. She didn’t come this far to turn around and go home because of a gut feeling. Needing to run this marathon again was something she desperately wanted. It was certain she would train harder and never let fear or her conscious supersede her dedication to complete her goals. She let it happen before. Never would she let it happen again. Making her way off the paved path, she ran her way down the usual dirt road. Something was different today. Perhaps it was the thickness in the air, or the sense of urgency to finish this run. The knots in her stomach grew and every nerve in her body was on edge, screaming at her to turn back. She would, but only after a few more miles. Taking the water bottle from her running belt, she sipped. The cool droplets coated her throat and made her sense of urgency subside, somewhat. She grabbed a few almonds from the snack stash and kept running, without missing a beat. A common trade among runners. Being able to maintain your energy by eating and drinking while running and never breaking stride. Only 8 more miles until this run was over and two more left until she made her decent back to her home. Splitting up the terrain wasn’t something she usually did, but the day was young and despite her body and mind telling her to turn back, she ignored the revolt. The trail shrank in width and the trees branches incased her like a tomb. The forest was thick and the brush wrapped itself around the base of each tree. The light tried to pierce through any opening it could find, but the tree branches intertwined and left no room for a shred of daylight. Only one more mile to go before it was time to turn back. A chill ran up her spine like the prickly fingers of death. She nearly lost her balance when she realized the chill was not from nerves but actual fingers. She tried to spin around, but not in time. The hands that inched their way up her spine had reached her neck and refuse to let go. She gasped for air and a scream made its way up her throat, it halted from lack of breath. The hand squeezed and simultaneously lifted her in the air. Her feet flailed. Her eyes grew bigger from the fear. Her breath and body fought only to fail, she was turned so she could see the last person she would ever meet. Expecting a man that only years of horror movie watching could produce, her eyes saw a woman. She was feminine in every word. She had striking features and a build to stop men in their tracks. Her eyes, even though they grew heavy and her breath lacked the strength, she looked at her in shock for a thousand reasons that flooded her brain. It was during her final moments that she realized she had met this woman before and it wasn’t on good terms.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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