I’m Having Trouble Adjusting

This time change bull crap sucks.

I just thought I would get that out-of-the-way. I cannot get it together this Monday. My weekend went by too fast. I did do some great things, though. I went to the zoo without having to take any kids. Did I ever let you know that I LOVE animals? I do. Love them. Read that however you choose. In honor of all the animals I love, I present you with a slide show of zoo animals. Some were taken with my new camera and some were taken with my iPhone because my camera ran out of battery. My iPhone took better pictures and for this I am disappointed and happy. Don’t ask me to explain. I’m too tired and still adjusting.

I hope you enjoy this slide show. Looking at animals being lazy always makes any day better.

These are photos from my Cannon. Since technology hates me, my iPhone will not let me import photos. I am sure after a few slams on my desk I will be able to view them. So I will save them for a later date.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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