Oh Friday….

As I lay in bed last night with a concussion, (don’t ask), my brain wouldn’t shut-up, probably because I was slightly delusional. However, I thought about Friday and what it used to mean to me, and then what it used to mean to me. Here’s what I mean. I used to love Friday. I couldn’t wait until I could sleep for two days and do absolutely nothing. Then I got that job on the weekends, and Friday could go fuck itself. Seriously, people. Friday was absolutely horrible and I counted every hour until work. Then I dealt with screaming, pooping, food throwing people for 36 hours. Now it wasn’t their fault, it was Friday’s fault for even existing and for people making sure everyone knew it was the best day of the entire week. I know, I know, I am part of the problem. I glamorized Friday, and I still do, and I made it seem if Friday didn’t come soon, life wasn’t worth living because we all need reasons to get smashed and make bad decisions and justify how hard we work. So don’t get me wrong, I am not making myself to be some sort of victim or trying to chastise anyone, I am mainly pointing myself out and letting myself know that I suck sometimes and also letting myself know that I can be heartless and cruel to all the people who read this blog and have to work on a weekend. Shame, Shame on me.


So Friday is a day I look forward to, but now I see it as any other day and to also make use of the time I am given. So you should too. Here are a list of rules or guidelines, if you will because nobody really likes being told what to do.

1 – Don’t be lazy. You have to work in two days and the work week is sometimes not pretty.

2 – If you have to work weekends, I feel for you. It isn’t really fair.

I think I have a point here, but I lost it. Let me see…

You know what, I don’t feel sorry for you.

1 – It is your job, you chose it.

2 – Yes, better and cooler things happen on the weekend, but if you get a Tuesday and Wednesday off, than you have a weekend and sometimes that is better because more establishments are open and you can actually get shit done.

3 – If you are a girl, you get to take advantage of a ladies night somewhere and not have to worry about dragging ass the next day at work because, WOOHOO! it’s Tuesday and it is like your Saturday because time is relative and doesn’t really matter!

4 – If you’re a guy, you get to take advantage of lady’s night.


I need therapy and this post is worthless just like the days of the week and Fridays.

Happy F@#$ing Friday.


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