Life Lessons, Changes, Jason, and A Puppy

Well peeps, I made it. I am settled into my new place. The journey was more difficult than I will verbally admit. In fact, I am struggling to put enough words into this post.

So perhaps I will just ramble on… That could be good or something very horrible. Let me see… Oh yes, I did think of something slightly profound while I was making the 2,000 mile trek to Florida with stitches in my legs and a cracked tailbone. Fun times. I was leaving Colorado and the sun was peaking through a thick fog. You could make out a few colors of pink with a mixture of orange, and it was beautiful. It reminded me of the marathon I ran. The morning was draping with humidity and the sun couldn’t wait to break through the mist. The road was flat and it took me to the place where my nerves were on high alert. I was anxious, excited, and a little fearful, for I did not know how the marathon would go. Would I finish? Would I injure myself? Would I make my time goal? As I sat in my car, I saw the landscape and I connected my feelings as I looked over the horizon and thought of an experience held over two years ago. It made me think of other times our minds make connections just by a certain smell in the air, the way something looks, a place that you visit often. It all brings back a special memory of a time that you will never forget. So I say to all my friends, family, and my readers – When someone leaves you, they will never be forgotten. They are always in your memories, sure to show at the exact moment you find needing to remember them or that place.

Here is to new experiences, new faces, and new memories. Life is about living and also about reflecting. Enjoy your Friday.


on another unrelated note – two actually – I got a new dog. His name is Einstein because he may prove to be much smarter than me and I am going to have to dig inside my special bag of tricks to train him. On the other note, it’s Friday the 13th. Jason Vorhees says hi.


You really didn’t think I could let this day pass without remembering my favorite movie slasher – I almost didn’t. It was killing me. Get it? Killing me? Never-mind.





Happy Friday 13th
Happy Friday 13th
World: Einstein Einstein: World
World: Einstein
Einstein: World

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