Ah… It’s Monday. As if you needed another reminder. But I’m not actually here to please you. I’m just here to entertain you, give you insight, help you gain a new perspective. Monday is here. It has been an entire week. Einstein, the new puppy is another week old and growing. It is astonishing to watch how fast puppies grow. He did go to the vet, and they gave him a clean bill of health. So as of right now I am having one of those proud parent moments. When I had Sam, my other dog, social media wasn’t available for me to publicly infiltrate my dog on every spot I can think of, so aren’t you lucky. šŸ˜‰

I was going to write something, but I decide against it. Mainly because I would start shit and it’s Monday and early, and I don’t feel like dealing with the aftermath. So instead, I will give you something to feel good about. A picture of my new puppy. I put him on Pinterest. Yeah… Yeah… Sush.

If your Monday is sucking, I hope this picture will make it better. Remember, not all Mondays have to suck.

I'm going to be the happiest dog in the world!
I’m going to be the happiest dog in the world!

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