Change and Hope

Did you do anything good this weekend? I didn’t. I relaxed, but I didn’t do anything amazing. I did however, have something happen to me. I won’t go into it because I can’t change people. They can only change on their own by realizing they were wrong, or that a change is needed. For today’s Monday Inspiration, I want to post a picture of a very happy puppy. His name is Einstein, and you have met him before. He is now three months old and a very fast learner. He wants the world to not give up on him because he would never give up on you, especially if you like long naps and snuggles. He’s a great heating pad.

If you like the pictures of Einstein here, you should follow me on Pinterest – Cindi Prewitt on Pinterest and follow his board – Pit Adventures – He’s growing a fan base and that makes me happy that humanity hasn’t lost all their hope in this wonderful breed.


Can we sleep here forever?
Can we sleep here forever?

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