It’s A Trick Question.

Do you know about that thing I shouldn’t do, but was never officially told not to do? You don’t? Here, I’ll make it easy – multiple choice.

A – stab people
B – throw myself into walls
C – run

It’s a trick question. The answer is all of them. But today I will not talk about stabbing people or throwing myself into walls. However, I will talk about running. I mean it is Trail Tuesday and technically I am supposed to keep with the schedule and talk about my obsession – running.

I have decided that in order to get out of my “woe is me” rut, I need some goals. If you’re keeping up, I made a writing goal last week. Which is, by the way, going great. Thanks for asking. Now I need a get rid of my stress and extra butt fat goal.

Since I love to run, I have made this my goal. The reason I shouldn’t do it is because I have week knees. They need a workout. My knees are the equivalent to what Captain America was before the buff juice. I just have to buff-up my knees and I will be ready to run. 😁 It’s simple, really.

If I set running goals, I won’t need to stab people or throw myself into walls. Everything for a reason, people. It’s the circle of life.

I’ll keep you posted and also include random snide jokes and morals to keep you entertained and justified.

You’re welcome.


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