Patience. A Lesson From A Dog

Teachy Thursday. A day where I supposedly teach you something. A something with a moral or ethic purpose, something valuable that you take with you. I don’t really have anything. I do, however, have a lesson from my dog.


I often have a vast amount of it lying around. I have so much, I give it to others. It’s as if I were the queen of Patinetoria.
A land where everyone waits and gets exactly what they desire. I make the common folk form a line and I hand out large bags made of plush red velvet, filled to the top with patience and smile with each transaction. It’s glorious.
So glorious, that I forgot I was writing on my blog.

Oh there I am. My dog. He teaches me patience.

I used to be queen of Patinetoria, but now I am still queen, but I’m evil, and I hoard my patience because in actuality, I have ran out. The common folk fight and squabble over the tiny pieces while I rage on my thrown. It’s a horrible scene.
(I lost myself again)

Then, came a dog. A puppy without manners or the common knowledge to toilet outside. He looked to me for guidance. Who was I to train such a thing? I was on the verge of complete exile from the land. Once again, a dog is saving me from myself.

I took on the task. It wasn’t and isn’t easy. I must reach each day for the patience I had lost or thought I didn’t need. Who needs something for which there is plenty? Not I. But I did. I need it at all times. As the days carry on, my patience grows. And it’s all because of one helpless puppy who constantly begs for patience.


He’s asking for something, but he’s mute and I do not know what he wants.


It was a kiss.


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