I Just Need To Fill Space – Look At My Dog.

There’s change brewing, and I am not sure what to do. My dog has me losing what’s left of my fragile sanity, school is actually going okay despite the fact I have not participated in group discussions since it started – I almost refuse, and a zillion other things I will not flood this post with.

With all that, I want to take a moment and be aware of life’s little accomplishments. If we don’t stop and look, we miss out on some pretty wonderful things. Unfortunately, at this current moment, I can’t think of any except one. I did not forget my headphones when I ventured to the library to steal their WiFi access. This is good for all humanity because the person constantly sucking their teeth, clearing their throat, or smacking their gum will not have to suffer my wrath. But let’s face it, I would just get pissed, pack up my things, and find another place to sit because we all know why I can’t go to prison.

Happy Freaking Wednesday!

Cheer Up and look at this dog. Oh that’s my dog. He looks innocent. Remember, looks can be deceiving.

If you think you would love to stare at his “innocent” face all day, you can follow him on Instagram. He’s nearly a celebrity, and somehow he caught wind of this news, and acts entitled. Dogs… Just click here



I'm an angel, really. Promise.
I’m an angel, really. Promise.

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