A Poem

I just need to vent in my own little way. I recently went through something and I have needed to ease my overwhelming desire to write a poem about the issue. Please enjoy this impromptu poem. It does not have a title. I am still struggling with the situation and could not attempt to label it.

In a world of chaos, you reached an open hand
Seeking for help in a dark, dismal sea,
You fought blindly, finding no one
I heard your cries for stable land
I sought out a way for you to be free.
I fought for you, the day to stand alone.
I gave what no one would
You shunned it
I lent my ears
You turned from it
I opened my heart
You ignored it
I gave up
So did you
In this world of chaos, you will seek
On my island, I will be.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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