I Need A New Angle.

Hello followers. I just want to let know I have been confused as to what day it is. I keep doing things a day ahead. I’m sure it is related to my work schedule, or lack there of, or my disregard for the actual day. I have been resting. I nearly hit a mental snap. Seriously, peeps if you hit a mental snap, take a break. Remember? Prison? Yeah, don’t go there.

On another note, I often think of things to write, buy I neglect to put them on here. Perhaps 3 years of blogging has ran its course. I will try dutifully to keep pressing on, but sometimes I just don’t want to. Maybe I need a new mission. My rants seems to go well. My dog is a hit. I’d blog about my awesome baking skills, but who has time for all that mess – literally. I could continue to tell you about life struggles, post weird pictures, famous quotes…. I really am at a loss. I need a new motive. If you like, you could leave a suggestions. But don’t get mad if I don’t use it. I’m not here to please you. Here is a picture of my dog because I know you like that stuff. (oh there I go, trying to please you) Oh yes, Happy Freaking Wednesday!

He's my big baby.

He’s my big baby.


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