Finding Time

So I open up my account and see it is my three-year anniversary. That’s a long time, in my opinion, to keep writing. I know for certain I am not dedicated enough to this blog, but I certainly have followers that are dedicated to me, and for that, I thank you.

It is a new year. I have found myself in a world where new years and holidays, do not hold as much meaning to me as they have years before. I am not sure if it is because of where I am in my life, or if it is a simple reason like having to work on the holidays. Whatever the reason, my life has become an unorganized mess. I am forgetting things, and losing the will to accomplish things that are important. I hope to dislodge my head from my ass soon, but it can be a complicated process.

I look forward to new year, and anything it brings me, but I wish it didn’t feel like I have to sacrifice my down time in order to feel accomplished. I am in Florida now. I should be tan. My hair should be a light blonde from the amount of sun consumed, and I should be happier. For some reason, it seems, I am in a funk. Someone help me out of it because I am too tired to do it myself.

I’m bitching, and I appreciate you letting me gripe. Not that you actually have a choice.

Life will get better, the days will get longer, and maybe I will find the will and make the time to become a happier me.

Live well my faithful followers. May your Sunday be filled with fun. May your heart be filled with joy and hopefully you find a dog who loves to kiss the blues away.



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