My Inspiration


By now you’re well aware of what day it is. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon for Christ’s sakes. I, however, am just now getting out of my Monday funk. Remember when Monday’s were about inspiration? I don’t – even though I just did.

For this Monday and my personal push to become more involved with the things I love, I give you my own personal grasp of inspiration: being grateful. Take a moment to look at your life and find a couple of things that you find grateful. It could be anything. Here, I will give you some examples.

1 – Gas in your car. If you don’t drive, perhaps you can be grateful the bus was on time, or perhaps you went outside and found no one flattened your tires on your 10 speed. Huh?? Those are good.

2 – There was an adequate supply of milk in the fridge to cover your cereal. (we all know how important cereal is)

3 – You woke up and you knew exactly where you were. (always a good thing)

These are some examples. Feel free to post what you are grateful for this fine Monday below, in the comment section.

For myself, I am grateful for the people in my life, especially my significant other and my dog. I love them both. They keep me going and help me remain prison free. (always a good thing always)

I hope you can find something. If not, I will post a picture of my inspiration and perhaps it will help you. Because while I am not here to please you, I can always lend a hand.

The boys in my life
The boys in my life

Let it out... we are all listening.

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