Why Didn’t You Speak Sooner?

Have you ever had a basic conversation with someone and it ends up making you have a self-revaluation? I had one with a coworker. It was like facing a mirror and your reflection knows something, and has known it for years, but it decided to wait until the opportune moment to reveal its knowledge. For years, I have wanted to make a change that would effect the very balance of my life. I scheme and plot, and yet I do nothing. It took a small conversation that twisted in the right direction to make me realize what I have been doing. I have to make a change, for my own sanity, my own happiness. I’ve known it for years.
I believe the universe brought me to this particular moment, around this particular person to to finally get my reflection to speak.

If the path before you is dark, keep going.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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