Ruin and Perspective

I missed yesterday. I am going through some stuff – some serious stuff. I am back at it today. I found a quote a few weeks ago that blew my mind. I don’t mean that figuratively or even literally. I mean that this quote made me step back and evaluate my surroundings from the past and in the present. I read each word and they struck me. This has been happening a lot lately, and I am not sure if I can handle any more epiphanies. However, if the universe wants to converse with me this badly, I will listen.

The quote was posted to my Facebook wall and one person didn’t appreciate it. I only assumed that if you didn’t understand, then you were not in a place to read this. It is all about perspective. I can show two people the same apple and they both will describe it differently. I took this quote and it filled me full of meaning. This person took it and it filled them full of anger. I can’t be mad, but I can delete the post. The world is already filled with hate. I don’t want it spread through a Facebook post meant to inspire. However, I can’t control the emotions of others, I can only control my own.

I want to dissect this quote and I wanted to relate it to the theme of every day. Yesterday was about inspiration. Today is about running. So let’s play catch up…

Here is the quote. Really read it. Soak it in. Find the inspiration in it. Find how it relates to running. I’ll give you my perspective. Perhaps in the comment section, you can leave your own. Have a great day and remember to try to find the positives in everything, even if it means looking past yourself and digging into parts of your soul that remain undiscovered.

I do not know who provided this, but I thank whoever did. You have really opened a door for me.
Remember, it’s all about perspective.

For yesterday, I read this quote and think of how ruin is a gift. My world could be crumbling all around me, but when the debris settles, I can look through the smoke, the ash, the destruction, and find that my world has been transformed. This is where the perspective comes from. Ruin has helped me gain a new outlook on my life. I may notice things that I never noticed before, and this is where I find inspiration. I can also find inspiration in change. I hate change, but it is, more often than not, for the better. If the change leaves my world in ruin, I will look for the transformation. The attachment portion is something I have really been struggling with. Attachment, in my opinion isn’t the best. When I release myself from attachment, it is easier to let go. I realized this when my dog died of cancer. I realize this when friendships, and relationships die. Attachment… Learn to let go of what holds you down and you may find ultimate freedom.

For today, and the running portion, I relate this to my marathon. I trained so hard for that race. I nearly killed myself while training. Of course, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I did injure myself and went to great lengths to dull the pain so I could keep training. I should have stopped. I am still paying the price and that race was two years ago. My world was in ruin when I ran, but I refused to see any positives, any transformation from quitting. I don’t regret what I did. The race was almost worth it. I just wish I could have let it go, and let the ruin settle. I wish I hadn’t grew such a deep attachment. I wish I wasn’t afraid to change my way of thinking. When I read this quote and relate it to the marathon, I think of it with a negative connotation. However, it happened. I finished the race in severe pain, but I smiled, I cried, and after all is said and done,  I would never change the feeling or the moment of crossing the finish line, knowing I gave it my all. Perhaps that is the transformation. But it is also my downfall. I may not know when to quit. Just something to think about.

I hope you read this and get something out of it. Have a great Tuesday.


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