The Demons Within

I have posted so many things that when I go to my notes, I have to remember if I’ve shared it. However, I think this piece is share free. If not, please remember my famous words: I’m not here to please you. 

I do, however, hope you enjoy this poem and your Saturday. Sleep tight tonight. 

I cannot sleep the
walls are closing in

There are footsteps
in the hall and underneath the bed

The monsters have
all found a decent place to play

They’re the ones
that haunt me early in the day

The walls are
talking and the floor moans

The air that fakes
peace chokes at all my bones

The bed feels like
spiders nesting in my skin

Each hair that
brushes my cheek is a snake burrowing in

My pillow is a bag
of sharps begging to infect my blood

The shadows in the
corner dance like a raging flood

But sleep stays with
someone else who needs to dream of me

For I lay awake
fighting demons in a drunk and furious sea


Let it out... we are all listening.

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