The Looming Storm

I suppose that since it is the last day of April, I should entertain you with a poem. However, I have not been myself lately. My emotions run high as change looms like a hurricane in the distance. Yeah, you like that analogy, huh? It’s true.

Life is unbearably stressful.

I can’t seem to take a breather.

I can’t process noise.

I can’t stand the silence.

I want it yesterday.

I don’t want it at all.

I need a hug.

Don’t touch me.

I need to argue.

I need to cry.

I want everyone.

I want solitude.

I long for your presence.

I long for your distance.

Please let me be.

Please come back to me.

And that, my followers, was your impromptu poem for the last day in April, National Poetry Month. I missed many days, but I gave it all I had. Just as I do with everything in life. Move forward, take it as it comes, and brace yourself for the hurricane that looms in the distance.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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