Take Some Time To Be Grateful

I’ve been a way for a while. It seems more of a pattern for me than anything. The Universe speaks to me in different ways, and I suppose some things need more attention than others. My classes started again and my degree is closer. I dealt with that. I have accomplished many things, but there are some things in life that I quit. I just gave up. I nearly did that with school. To quit would be the most ridiculous thing.

So here I am, back at extensive paper writing and endless discussion questions. My thoughts are scattered lately, though. Simple tasks and ideas are more complicated than they need to be. I have to step back and look at my life and breath. I have to make sure I am not over thinking. I have to make sure I am not getting too stressed. What I have really come to recognize are the people in my life. They see my stress and they do everything they can to make me smile. I don’t know how I would make it without their simple gestures.

Being grateful for this seems an easy task. However, there was a time in my life when I would struggle to be grateful for anything. I really never knew what it was to be grateful. I had to think about one thing for hours, and then that one thing didn’t seem genuine. Over time, I came to realize, my struggle to find something was because of my outlook on life. So I found one thing to truly be grateful for and now I am finding something in everything. My perspective has really changed.

I do believe it is because of where I work. I am not sure I would find such happiness in any other environment. I am forever grateful for those who have entered my life. You make me realize many things.

1 – It’s never really that serious.

2 – Being human is okay.

3 – Laughing is truly the best coping skill.

4 – It’s always too early for bull shit.

5 – It’s never too early for hugs.

7 – Anytime is a good time to realize how lucky you truly are.

Thank you to all who are there for me. Thank you to all who read this blog.


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