It’s Been A Long Time

When you log into your account and see it’s had some changes, you know you have not written in a long time.

I have been busy. Work, life, sanity… It all hung in the balance. There are so many unfilled intentions. They say that’s life. They say it will all come together when it is supposed to. They say a lot. Do those people live? Do they have deadlines, bills, dirty houses… do they have obligations? Do they even know? Some people make it work. Some people don’t. I fall into the latter category.

It’s been a long time since I felt the need to accomplish goals. This will always be my downfall. All the skills to make it happen and none of the drive. I guess I’m scared of what may come if I put too much effort into something. I don’t really have an answer. I just know I am complacent and life seems to be a constant struggle.

The upside? I am here, now, writing. I am opening a clogged vein. There is a story inside of me, clawing to break free. I hope in the end, I can change my words from, it’s been a long time, to, how do I make time to do it all.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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