No More Ranting, for Now.

I was thinking about ranting today. I usually do this. I can inspire myself to write some very fueled rants. I wrote about 300 words and stopped. I exited out of Word, and when it asked me if I wanted to save my work, I declined. I’ve been thinking lately about stress and being angry, and it has changed my point-of-view.

There was a point in my life where stressed was the only dominating factor. I breathed stress. I was angry, I was cold, and I was a mess. I still have stress, but I choose to only rant in pieces, with a small group of friends. I rant in my mind, only to process why I was angry. After my process, I don’t feel the need to rant. I don’t let the struggles of life get to me like I used to. I was completely neurotic. I screamed, I flipped couches, (funny story), and I cried – a lot. It’s exhausting. One could almost ponder that I looked at my situation and decided to not care anymore. Life is too short. Why should I give a fuck if no one else does? Well, one might be correct. I rid myself of the stress. Therefore, I don’t care about it. I find my life to be more at ease. I can finally enjoy and do the things I like; I can finally look at life through a different set of glasses.

When I struggle, I get upset in my own way. If others vent to me about their struggles, I don’t take them as my own. My rants become less fueled and more perspective based. I start to ask myself why I am angry at the actions of others. When my dog gets attacked at the dog park, or an owner chooses to let their dog do anything they please, I stop myself from going to prison and think about them. I don’t soak their problems because I don’t know their problems. I just try and see things from their point of view and remain less reactive. Could I punch them? Yes. Could I make them feel like shit? Yes. Would it make me feel better? At the moment, yes. Would it help the situation? No. There are certain situations that do deserve an explanation. When I cross that line, I will handle it in my own way – a way that doesn’t end in handcuffs.

I could rant and be angry all the time. It’s easy. It’s hard to let things go. It’s hard to be positive. It’s hard to not let the ignorance of others get you down. So instead of ranting, I am rising; rising above the bullshit. I am transcending into a person who does not react, but instead I will think. As some may say, “Still think while you can. It’s free”.

I do want to say I will always remain a sarcastic, funny individual who will laugh when you fuck up, but I’ll help you fix your problem. Only once, though. I’m not fond of repeat offenders.



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