Happy 4th of July. 

Hello readers. 

I’ve been working a lot lately and focusing on some other venues. I wanted to take a moment to wish all my faithful followers a happy 4th of July. Be safe.

If you like fireworks, keep them away from your genitals. 

Don’t make the statement “hold my beer – watch this”, before you do anything. It’s bound to lead to a quick hospital visit. 

Last, but not least, keep your dogs safe. To most dogs, the end has come and life as they know it is over. They are certain they will never get another cookie or know the luxury of killing you slowly with their deadly gas. They love you and look to you for protection. Keep them safe. 

Finally, for real this time, if you love your balls, don’t put an M-80 near your penis. 

This has been your safety briefing. 

On a positive note, my dog isn’t phased by fireworks, thank god. Here’s his lovely face. 


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