Finding Peace

I have made a huge change in my life. It involved separating from my spouse and moving across many states to begin a new life with my family. I quit a job that housed some magnificent co-workers. I left friends. 

What I find, as I sit here in a quiet house surrounded by the peace of nature, is I left chaos. I left negativity. What I hope the most is I left my own negative self thousands of miles away. 

It’s only been two days, but the sounds of nature, the crisp air, and the peace of my surroundings leave me feeling as if I could never be angry anymore. 

I read posts on social media and find myself not instantly reacting. I find myself pausing and thinking about why and where the negativity stems. I breathe and only hope that person finds the same peace I have found. 

We all deserve solitude. We all deserve a break from the negativity, the hate, and the drama. 

What remains life’s question is how we find it. But for most of us, we know where it is. Unfortunately, we fight the urge to be where we need to be. 

I did that for many years. Deep in my soul, I knew exactly where I was supposed to be, but I fought it. I sought solace in other areas only to find myself in chaos. I was always distraught and I thrived on negativity. It wasn’t what I really wanted or where I knew I should really be. 

Many of us settle. We decide life will not get any better and we skip out on our dreams. We run away from our true intentions. We decide that we are not able to make change. 

This is wrong. You can change. You, my dear reader, can do whatever you want. You don’t have to live in chaos. You do not have to reside with negativity. You do not have to remain. You can set yourself free. 

It will take courage. It will take all your strength. You will lose parts of yourself. 

However, you will gain so much more. 

So to those who feel trapped, beaten down, and lost in your own mind, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Search for what you really want and take the first step to make it happen. Never settle. Never give in. Seek what you desire. 

Where there is hope, there is way. 


Let it out... we are all listening.

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