Get It Together

A friend of mine kicked my ass last night with a verbal “get it together” smack in the face. I laughed at first, but I read it again and knew she was right. 

I often get these verbal “get it together” smacks in the face, but I soon forget about the motivation and find my murky hole and bury myself in pity. 

However, if I do not get it together, my life is going to be hell. It’ll get worse for the time being, trust me, but it could get even worse. Knowing this, I should be prepared and remember these wise words: get it together. 

It is often hard to hear things. We toss words aside and as they are being said to us, we nod in agreement and we even say “I know.”  However, we don’t take these words and put them into affect. 

Get your shit together. 

We won’t do it until we are truly ready. 

Today, I’m ready. If I want to get my head out of my ass, I need to listen to my friends words and get it together. 

So if you are reading this and your life is being sucked down a shit filled toilet, please know you’re not alone. Do not drown in your sorrows anymore. You take life by the nutsack and yank until it screams in mercy. 

Get out of your pity hole and rise above the bullshit. 

You have to or you’ll never make it. 

Get it together. 


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