The Woods

Living in the woods had its perks. It also had its drawbacks. 

The thunder came with the roll of the dark clouds, soon the lightning flashed and lit a black sky.

He just had to go outside. He begged at the door and I waited until he nearly wet all over the floor. I did not want to go out there. The flashes of light brought shadows I was sure were not trees. The growing fog made the shadows move. 

After careful consideration in the black of night, he found the perfect place to do his business. I waited impatiently; staring into the darkness, just as a flash of lightning tainted the sky for a mere second. 

He growled. It was deep and unsettling. I looked into his direction, but saw only black. Then he barked. The sudden, bellowing noise startled my senses. He squirmed, fought, and found his way out of his collar, darting to the house. I stood frozen, peering into the darkness. I could hear him howling as he scraped his paws at the door begging for someone to let him in, but that someone was being sucked into the woods by a thick fog with each bright flash of light. 

The branches curled and twitched. The soil rose and entrapped itself between my toes, up my ankle, and around my calves. The fog wrapped itself around my bones like a fresh quilt. The lightning flashed a brilliant glow and the thunder made itself known with a deafening clash. The howl of the dog grew silent. For a moment, I was sure he had given up on his savior opening the door. It was then I realized the silence was distance. 

I was further into the woods than I ever cared to go. Now the soil was around my neck and the soft blanket of fog was dripping into my throat. The soil tightened its grip and the fog was a drink I couldn’t get down. I choked and gasped. The branches twitched with delight as the lightning heckled across the sky. The thunder laughed. The woods knew, the earth giggled, and I realized it was feeding time. I sank into the ground with one last thought…living in the woods had its perks.


Let it out... we are all listening.

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