A small, unorganized mixture of thoughts this morning; finding their way to paper. May your day never hold you down. 
When you want to create,

The world may be against you. 

When you want to relax,

Chaos swirls around you. 

I may never be

Never really be free. 

To seek what I want 

It is further than I can see. 


Drink Up! And Then Make Something

I was going to skip this Friday post, but I had a creative idea. It just popped in my head while I was driving. So hear I am, in a parking lot, giving you another awesome creation. Do with it what you will. And happy f@#$ing Friday. Drink something.

I have noticed a very interesting and some might say peculiar thing on Pinterest – turning your wine bottles into pieces of art. Of course, it doesn’t have to be wine bottles. It can be any sort of bottle. Hard liquor for example. It says something. Hi! I drink a lot, but I’m also creative! Instead of throwing those bottles in the trash so your neighbors can look at them, you have now displayed them into crafty objects that your neighbors can look at. What can never be hidden, can and will not ever be hidden. Go look through Pinterest pictures. See how many liquor creations you can count. After you’re done you will realize some things. People love their alcohol. People become creative after a few drinks and tired after several. People also love to document things. I am a victim of this too. So I am not judging. I’m just observing how many crafty alcoholics there are in this world. Life is tough. After you drink that bottle you should turn it into a candle holder.