The Dark

Often, I stand in the darkness to awaken my senses. The wilderness brings a plethora of noises lost when the sun warms the earth. I hear things only the darkness can bring to light. The wind rustles the leaves and each leaf sings to its own tune. The bugs talk briefly and then listen to the wind. The birds hum and stop to listen to the rain tapping the earth. You can hear a howling dog in the distance. On some nights you can hear the coyotes breaking their silence to deliver their special code to let the others know the hunt is commencing. The shadows dance with the wind. Their fierce tango drives the moon mad. It looks upon the earth hoping to paint a perfect picture, but it angers at the wind and its games. It draws the clouds like a veil to shield the insanity.

The night brings a different perspective when the eyes are limited with vision. Suddenly, the dark plays tricks with your mind and nestles visions never seen. You stand, motionless, hoping to hear something you’ve never yet heard. You stand like a stone while your senses develop a deeper intelligence. Your hair starts to stand. Your skin starts to crawl and you start to wonder if you were meant for the night at all. Your eyes dart in every direction making your mind wonder if what you heard is real. The black encases you. The wind tickles your hair. You move quickly, turning to see what is there. It’s the dark, telling you to leave. For maybe the moon is on to something, using the clouds to blind itself. The dark hides what we are not ready to view. The wind lets us know to return to our slumber until the sun makes it entrance.

What draws us to the dark? What makes me stand there welcoming the unknown? There is beauty in what we cannot see. There is beauty in the silence. To listen to the rain, the birds, the howling wolves, or the insects whispering is more than noise. It is the break from useless chatter, buzzing phones, and a senseless box telling me how to feel. The dark is more than a sign to wind down. It is a message. So I stand in the dark awaiting a message that the light fails to give; a message to the senses.


Let’s Remember Why

Yep, another blog post about Memorial Day.

I have something to say, (as if you didn’t know that). It’s a bit of a rant. I actually come across this thought every year and every time I see another ad taking advantage of another holiday.

If you weren’t aware by the endless commercials, store-front ads, screaming radio ads, flashy billboards, and the extended weekend, Memorial Day is upon us.

By now, you may assume what this rant is about; the commercializing of another holiday. While you are partially correct, I also have a few more things to add.

I am former military. Ever since I could remember, I have always had something to say about people who take for granted the reasons they are free. I am able to blog today because men and women fought for this country. They fought to have basic rights. They stood up for everything that had meaning and purpose. Men stood their grounds so their children could live a life free from persecution. Today, men and women still stand up for a country they love. We stand up against people who only want to oppress. These soldiers fight for the rights that men and women gave their lives for. If it were not for our virtues, strong will, and dedication to never back down, we would not be able to enjoy the pleasures that many take for granted.

When you are enjoying your extended weekend of shopping, tv watching, bar-b-qs, driving, camping, fishing, boating, and being with family, take a moment to remember why you can do these wonderful things without scrutiny or fear.

Go ahead and take pleasure in the 40% off washer and dryer sale, the paint sale at Lowes, and the buy 1 – get 1 sheet sale; it is your right. Just as it is the right of a company to commercialize on every @#$&%ing holiday. 🙂

I only ask, (again), that we remember why. Thank you.

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008
Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)