A Little Taste 

When I have time, I write small portions of a book taking space in my head. It is in first person and it is meant to look like an authors account of true events, or rather my life story. When I put it all together, it will be about a woman who struggles to cope with mental illness in a world that constantly judges. She copes in other ways too, but that’s the voices talking.


When I was young, I would question my existence. I would ponder the meaning of why. Why did we bother to do anything if we were just going to die in the end? What was the point? Why try?
I managed to press through the thoughts. I sought out other ideas, hobbies, and allowed myself to live a little.
Once in a while, the thoughts come back.

When I was younger, I wasn’t aware of the state I put myself in when questioning why I bother to live. What a sight it must have been for others to see me sad; so suddenly.

I’m better at hiding it now. I work, I form relationships, I seek some sort of happiness. It looms, the agony, the dread. But I’m better at pushing through – sometimes. Lately, it hovers longer than I’d like. Often, it clings and I can’t shake it, wash it, peel back its decaying skin. It hangs like the air on a humid day.

I become stuck. I stick to my thoughts. They control my fighting mind; the part of my mind that resists the constant question – why are you still here? Why hasn’t anyone found you in a pool of blood?

I’m not sure, but my resisting mind wants to know why these demons keep lurking around? What is their purpose? Why did they choose me?
When you think of yourself, others don’t find themselves into the equation. Depression, for me is a one way street. Ahh, but that isn’t really true because the anxiety in me only cares about others, and the looming psychopath in me wants to murder every soul I see.
Mental illness isn’t cute anymore. It never was.

I grew up in a time where it was a growing trend of weirdos who dressed in black and were always sad. They made depression somehow glamorous and soon nearly everyone I knew wore eyeliner and combed their hair over one eye. But what about the people who were trying to act normal because they fought real demons? Not ones that pretended to just so they could fight the establishment and in return draw attention to themselves because no one at home gave a shit.
I had parents who gave a shit, they just didn’t know they had to. To them, I was normal. I did normal things, had normal friends, and had a normal mind.
I actually wanted to be normal. Instead, I fought to live. My mind wanted my soul and it almost won, more than a few times. I prayed to die and hoped I wouldn’t make it past 25. In fact, I was certain I wouldn’t live past then. I was so sure, I started doing things to speed along the process. It never happened. When 25 came, I cried until I nearly went into a psychosis. I took some pills to wash away the pain, and I woke in a heavier dispair. I was with someone then. Someone who saw my crazy. They seemed to embrace it and I’ll never know and never want to know why.
At this point, I gave in. I stayed with this person and just became someone I wasn’t – normal. I thought I should so I could at least stop the voices. I had to stop the demons.
But they were still there. In fact they came on full force. I started taking meds. It was a tragic sight. I changed. The voices stopped. The demons stopped licking the gray matter, but the claws never retracted.
I started living. I went to therapy. I was normal. But we’re not really normal, are we? We just turn into zombies.

I made cakes, made friends, cooked dinner, and went to parties. I was a wife. Sometimes I was really good. Sometimes I really sucked.

The demons played sometimes. They broke the med spell and when they played, the voices were worse than before. I would cry until I lost parts of me that I’ll never see again. I broke. After I broke, I broke again and again until the meds were gone and I started to sabbatoge my existence. If I was miserable, so was everyone else. No one was safe.
My unstable life made the voices more active. I had boughs of hysteria,as the old school doctors would say, more often than boughs of sanity. I longed to be institutionalized. I joked about it. That’s what you do. You joke about how crazy you are so you can deflect your problems. People laugh with you and it reinforces the behavior until even you start to believe the lies. They are just jokes, you tell yourself. You’re not crazy.
So you live your life. Like normal people do, but your thoughts are more demented. So you hang around people who are almost the same. It makes you feel better about yourself.
They don’t know the truth. No one knows the truth. When you confide in someone, they disregard you and just say things that they think will make you feel better because in reality you’ve made them feel uncomfortable and now they don’t know how to act around you and you find your list of friends getting smaller and smaller.
Don’t worry, you have the voices.
I do. The demons are nice as well. I enjoy their powerful hold. Their tight, crippling grip of despair. In fact, I’ve grown so accustomed to their presence I’m not sure I’d know how to be without them -which actually scares me to the core.


Attack Of The Six-Legged Beasts!

So in the spirit of writing in a journal and making a small entry into a story, I give you a recent incident. Also, if I am ever kidnapped and perhaps you or another are curious on a good way to torture me for information, use ants. The non lethal kind will do. You know, just in case you were wondering. It is good to know these things. I’m not sure why, though.


The cave reeked of bile. The stench flooded my airways and my eyes began to water. Turning back seemed a lucrative idea. The thought as tempting as cake on a diet. But no one could think of cake when the rotten smell of death was clinging to the air. I made my way into the depths of the ever expanding cave. The darkness consumed ever crevasse. I reached into a pocket to retrieve the MAG light. It formulated enough wattage to bring light to a small village. A bit overkill for the current situation, but this job was unlike any other. My duties sworn with The Resistance and its obligations was to rid the country of putrid ant scum. They came in droves, colonizing in secret, gaining access to areas deemed uninhabitable to many humans. They bred by the hundreds and in months their takeover began. They populated every city and forced civilization to its knees. After a few weeks, the ants were flooding the world. They soon gained access and control over humans and made their way to small islands, building even larger colonies. Humans withered away and only a few survived. Years followed and although many thought the ants enslaved us all, they were never smart enough to capture every living soul. This is where I come in. The ants carried dead human carcasses into caves and fed. The smell are the decomposing bodies. I ready my blaster specially made to kill an ant instantly. Each loaded container was to hold enough ammonia to knock out a few elephants. With the size of these ants increasing in size by the hour, these canisters held enough ammonia to kill a dinosaur or two. I inched closer to the colony. In the distance I heard movement. My heat source detector flashed, but the readout was inconclusive. I readied my weapon. I carefully placed my feet on the surface of the floor, now covered in blood and bile. The smell of rotting flesh never appealed to me, but I suppose it isn’t something you get used to. My sensor flashed again revealing a sort of straight line. I assumed it must be an ant tentacle. I neared a curve in the layout of the cave. I stood my ground. The tentacle reached for the wall. I held my blaster at the ready and braced my feet to withstand the recoil. My sensor flashed and just as I started squeezing the trigger, “Please, don’t shoot. Please, save me.”


It’s Here!!

A Shot of Shorts

Well after all that confusion, I finally figured out how to make a PDF and deliver it to the masses. Sometimes, I am too smart when given plenty of time to think. I think I just called myself intellectually challenged.

The link above will open a new tab. In that tab is a book (PDF). It is filled with chapters and a short story. The chapters are from serials that I participated in. The Story Mint made that possible. The book shares all the juicy details. This is my holiday gift for all the committed people who read my blog. I want to thank you for a great year.

Let the second year of pictures, quotes, and random crap begin!! (in a week – I’m not really trying to rush things)

Picture Inside Book
Picture Inside Book