Losing My Way

I’ve lost my way time and time again.

Searching through the ruble,

wiping the dust from my shins

I often find a clearing,

the light shines through

I start to climb to freedom,

hope fills the air

I reach for a boulder,

to make my last steps

It was an illusion. 

It was never there.

I lose my grip on the vanishing air.

My feet slip below me

The darkness settles in

And now I’ve lost my way

time and time again.


The Fight Continues

A continuation of yesterday’s poem…
I know what I should do. 

But I can’t seem to do it. 

I sit down with hope. 

I can’t sift through it. 

Pencil meets paper. 

So thoughts can flow free.

But something is inside

Putting its grip on me.

I have more to give. 

There’s more to be told.

I must release this demon.

I must release the hold. 

If Only It Were TV

Lately, I’ve only been wanting to write a personal story; something with a moral. However, when I start to type, all that flows are poems. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just strange. I talked to someone yesterday, and their decisions, once again, broke my heart. I hope they find their way. Unfortunately, I can’t help them anymore.

If you’re not careful, the ones you love won’t help you anymore. 

If you keep destroying bridges, you’ll never find complete boards. 

If you let them down one more time, their hearts will turn cold. 

The people who loved you, won’t love you anymore. 

You take for granted their patience and time. 

Their advice, their opinions, their forgiveness, their dimes. 

You believe you’re never wrong. You believe the world owes you it’s life. 

The truth is the world owes you nothing, and you’re never right. 

Your life is a carousel. You’re dizzy. You can’t see. 

But you’ll never dismount. Your denial is a deep sea. 

You jump from one dysfunction to another. 

Each mess more tragic than the other. 

People morn for your existence. They cry for your peace. 

They hold to the moments of who you might be. 

It’s sad. It’s dreadful, to watch this scene. 

If only the channel would change. 

If only this were TV. 


Time is relevant,

So they say

Quickly it goes,

Quickly it stays

Passing slowly,

Passing through

Time for you,

Time against you

I’ll wait decades

I’ll wait minutes,

Each day passing,

Is hell without you in it.

I’ll see you here,

I’ll see you there.

You are everywhere

Time is a curse

Time is a blessing

Time is death

Time is life

Time is a dream

Time is a fiend

Please come back

I’ll do what it takes

Don’t leave me here

Don’t let my heart break

Time is relevant

So they say

Time will heal

Time steals pain

Time is not

What I thought it was

Keeping me addicted

Like a drug

Life Is Often A Stuggle

This is for a friend, (or anyone), who is struggling. May you see the sun in all your troubles so you can push through for another day.

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.
Horace Bushnell

Happy Monday. Find your inspiration and push forward.

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